If Firefox is crashing, then it is a bug in Firefox, and not your
code.  (However, it could be that a bug in your code is triggering a
bug in Firefox.)  I think the first step in debugging would be to
reproduce the problem.  Make sure your operating system, Firefox
version, Firefox add-ons and Firefox plugins are as much the same as
possible.  If that doesn't work, perhaps you could visit your customer
and watch what happens.  Another idea would be to sprinkle your code
with Ajax calls that log things so that you can see what happens prior
to a crash.

A final idea would be to tell you customer that she is just imagining
things-- but I don't recommend that.  :-)

On Dec 22, 12:05 pm, pedz <pedz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I hope this is not too far off topic.
> I have a page that has a PeriodicalExecuter as well as Sound that
> plays a beep message.  One of my "customers" runs Firefox 3.0.5 on
> Windows (I can find out which one if it matters) and frequently the
> browser crashes.  I put in a sound test and that seems to work just
> fine.  She believes it is connected with the PeriodicalExecuter.  One
> thing it is doing is it is asking for and receiving back JSON which I
> use directly (its an array of hashes).
> It is working fine for me and another person.  I have Firebug set
> while she does not.  I'm also on a Mac.
> How do I debug a browser crash?
> Thank you,
> pedz

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