On Dec 23, 7:23 am, Jon Kleiser <jon.klei...@usit.uio.no> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using prototype-, and I'm trying to subclass Array like this:
> var MyArr = Class.create(Array, {
>    initialize: function($super, arg) { $super(arg); }
> });
> Or just like this:
> var MyArr = Class.create(Array, {});
> Neither seems to work at all. In the Firefox Error Console I get
> "Error: parent.subclasses is undefined" with a reference to line 62
> in the prototype file.
> Is it possible to subclass Array?

That would depend on what you mean by "subclass an Array". Prototype's
`Class.create` uses quite popular `clone`/`beget` inheritance pattern.
While such pattern allows to actually create an Array "subclass" (i.e.
a constructor function that creates objects with `Array.prototype`
somewhere in their prototype chain) any such object is doomed to be
missing some of the traits of native array objects - i.e. index
properties' manipulation does not affect `length` property and vice

What were you planning to use this "subclass" for?

> /Jon

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