I have added that

    $('total').oldValue = $('total').getValue();

its also custom attribute

On 27 дек, 13:15, buda <www...@pochta.ru> wrote:
> From one hand - custom attributes, if they are not described in DTD,
> are evil for valid Transitional or Strict modes - they lead document
> to quirck mode
> From another hand - they make the life easy for developers with their
> ability to store a lot of metadata like: required="true" mask="^w+..."
> oldValue="345" emptyVlue="0" min="10" max="1000" rowID="1213" and etc
> there is an offer to store whole metadata into css classname attribute
> (it maybe a very long string with keypairs) - which as for me its very
> very complex to analyze and modify
> What do you think about it?
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