I have a bunch of images that I am preloading inside of a loop. One of  
these images is also loaded by the html, so I get a good look at how  
these two different methods perform. For measurement, I am using the  
Network pane of the Safari Web Inspector, after clearing the cache.

The ClownFish image referenced by the HTML is 280KB, and takes 14ms to  
load, while one of the Aurora image referenced by JS in the preload is  
116KB and takes 77ms to load.

var images = ['Aurora', 'ClownFish', 'DewDrop', 'EarthHorizon',  
'FlowingRock', 'GentleRapids', 'GoldenPalace'];
     var path = elm + '.jpg';
     var preload = new Image();

Is this all overhead from setting up the Image() and then assigning  
the src to it? Is there any way to speed this up?

Thanks in advance (and happy new year),


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