What you need is to have the server side script, in this case
DeleteGroupMember.php, return a HTML fragment containing the new
list.  Ajax.Updater will then automatically insert that fragment into
the element "lmnt".

Prototype has very good documentation on this site: 


On Jan 6, 8:52 am, Drakhul <drak...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am very new to Prototype and JavaScript, so this is prolly a no-
> brainer for most of you.
> Let me see if I can make sense...
> On my page, there is a DIV where my ajax calls load pages.  The main
> page loads with a specific form loaded in the div.  The user clicks a
> link that calls another page (Group Manager) to load in the div.  One
> of the options on that page is to remove a member from this group by
> clicking a delete button.  when the button is clicked, I am calling
> the script that actually deletes the member.  I have this function
> running and everything works fine, but what I cannot figure out is how
> to is to reload the "Group Manager" page after the delete script
> runs.  Right now all I get is a blank page in the div.  There is a
> function to load that page.  Here is what I have:
> UserRemoveGroupMember = function(WGUID) {
>         lmnt = "UserContent";
>         new Ajax.Updater( lmnt, 'src/DeleteGroupMember.php',
>                 {
>                         parameters: 'WGUID='+ WGUID,
>                         evalScripts: true,
>                         method: 'post',
>                         onSuccess: function()
>                         {
>                                 UserProfileToggleManageGroups();
>                         }
>                 }
>         );
> }
> I hope I made sense..  lol
> Thanks folks!
> -Mike D
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