Hi Joe,

The client-side code looks okay to this second pair of eyes.  (You
might want to put "window." in front of "Internal" in the Ajax.Request
constructor, just for consistency as you've done it everywhere else.
But I'm assuming you don't have some other "Internal" defined in
scope, and so it should be using the same one anyway.)

I'd suggest the usual things:  Check that
window.Internal.fileList.Path really has the correct path and that
it's not violating SOP; temporarily try replacing that path with a
static file path to eliminate issues in the server-side processing;
put debugging checks on the server-side resource it's calling; the
usual sort of stuff.  I suspect an issue with the server-side

But the client-side part looks okay, FWIW.
T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Jan 7, 6:59 pm, "joe t." <thooke...@gmail.com> wrote:
> i have the following:
> Event.observe(window,'unload',function(){
>   if (window.Internal && window.Internal.doUnload){
>     (new Ajax.Request(Internal.fileList.Path,{
>       asynchronous:false,
>       method:"get",
>       parameters:{"do":"unload",task:$_GET.p},
>       onSuccess:function(t){alert('Success: ' + t.responseText);}
>     }));
>     alert('Wait!');
>   }
> });
> The "Wait" alert at the end is just for testing. It does fire.
> The problem is, the Ajax call does not seem to work at all. Firebug
> tells me the Ajax block is executed, the onSuccess alert even fires.
> But t.responseText is always empty, and the actions i've defined in my
> server-side code are not happening.
> Any takers to try helping me track this down?
> -joe t.
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