It's probably applying them, but you haven't defined them in your  
styles. addClassName('active') will turn your link into <a href="foo"  
class="active" ...> but I suspect you are trying to set the :active  
"pseudoclass" instead, which browsers have built into their  
stylesheets and which you can further modify by creating a style like  
a:active { something here }.

If you look at your page in Firefox with the Firebug extension active,  
you'll see that your code is working. But it's applying the class, not  
setting the pseudoclass.

Also, one more pet peeve -- the numeric ids on your a tags. These are  
a strict no-no in HTML. An ID may only begin with an alphabetical  
character (maybe some punctuation is allowed, but keep it simple and  
stick to a-z). You can use a_1, a_2, a_3 as your ids if you need the  
number as a key for something else, and just strip it off with  


On Jan 12, 2009, at 12:11 PM, zeitmeister wrote:

> I suppose it doesn't manage to attach the correct "active"-tags to the
> DIVs and Links ...
> maybe, I didn't deload them correctly?

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