Hello, considering that when I use the afterFinish call on the
scriptaculous effects that are used on initial page load it works fine
and the function is called indeed after the effect has finished
rendering it's final loop.

When i use the same afterFinish attribute on an effect that is called
after a mouseover event, the function is called immediately (on the
first frame). Is this a known bug? or am I missing something?

mouseover: function(e) {
        var element = e.element();
        if (this.ready && (element.rel=='in' || element.rel==undefined))
                new Effect.Highlight(element, { startcolor: '#111111', endcolor:
'#BBBBBB', restorecolor: '#BBBBBB', duration: 0.5,queue: { position:
'end', scope: element.id + '_hl', limit: 2}});
                new Effect.Move(element,{ x: -30, y: 0, mode: 'relative',
transition: Effect.Transitions.spring, duration: 0.6, queue:
{ position: 'end', scope: element.id + '_mv', limit: 2}, afterFinish:

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