I am hoping someone will correct me, that said I have spent a little
time looking at this now. 2hours infact.

Prototype doesnt support getValue for input radio.

The work around to equal getValue().[1]

* Returns the value of the selected radio button in the radio group, null if
* none are selected, and false if the button group doesn't exist
* @param {radio Object} or {radio id} el
* OR
* @param {form Object} or {form id} el
* @param {radio group name} radioGroup
function $RF(el, radioGroup) {
    if($(el).type && $(el).type.toLowerCase() == 'radio') {
        var radioGroup = $(el).name;
        var el = $(el).form;
    } else if ($(el).tagName.toLowerCase() != 'form') {
        return false;

    var checked = $(el).getInputs('radio', radioGroup).find(
        function(re) {return re.checked;}
    return (checked) ? $F(checked) : null;

To use it:
$RF( 'wdt-form-test', 'abc' );

This is the same as using $( input ).getValue() for other input fields.

$RF('wdt-form-test','abc )  = $(input).getValue();


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