Naturally, I figured it out after posting...

Working from the example code on the wiki, I set a variable to the  
'new Slider...' and then updated the handles property of that variable  
after each click on a control.

        var mySlider = new Control.Slider('.handle'),  
rgb_slider, {
                range: $R(0, 255),
                sliderValue: [45, 134, 189],
                onSlide: function(values) {
                        box.setStyle({ backgroundColor: "rgb("+',') +")" });
                onChange: function(values) {
                        box.setStyle({ backgroundColor: "rgb("+',') +")" });
                var h = new Element('div', 
                rgb_slider.insert(h); mySlider.handles.push(h)


On Jan 14, 2009, at 10:38 AM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

> Can you register additional handles after the fact, or do you
> need to run the constructor again?

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