Yes, the only one.
I'd really be happy to see a fix for this, project is very important.

On Jan 17, 5:41 am, kangax <> wrote:
> On Jan 16, 12:22 pm, Uros <> wrote:
> > Hey, guys!
> > I need help and it's very urgent.
> > Here's the description of problem.
> > I've got one div which has got huge overflow (I made it that way so it
> > comes IE7 compatible) and the overflow is hidden by CSS. Now, I want
> > to do some some Effect.toggle('blind') on that div. Each browser
> > except IE 8 Beta 2, does this normally. But IE 8 (sadly) stretches the
> > div all the way down to the end of overflow and blinds it up. I just
> > want to make it not stretch down to the end of overflow. IE7
> > interprets this OK too, but I don't know what's wrong with IE8. Any
> > help?
> Prototype doesn't fully "work" in IE8 yet. Is this the only issue
> you're facing?
> --
> kangax
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