we have scrtpaculous dragdrop features on our website. i am having a
problem with it.

it is interfereing with a pop-up window on the page that has a auto
scroll div on it. when you click on teh pop ups scroll bar and drag,
it drags the dragdrop box behind the pop up, is there anyway around
this? here is what i am using for my pop-up

.viewbioSection { padding:10px 0px;

position:relative; }
viewbio1 {

position:fixed; top:5%; left:12%; width:600px; padding:20px; z-index:
2000; cursor: crosshair; }
viewbio1 li, {

margin-left:40px; list-style-type:square; margin-bottom:10px;
background:<%= @stylesheet.styles['background'] %>; border:3px solid <
%= @stylesheet.styles['bordercolor'] %>; }
bioscroll {

unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction:ltr; display:block; width:550px;
height:400px; overflow:auto; padding:10px; margin:0 auto; z-index:


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