I am trying to build my own select pull down menu that will close when
a click is observed outside of the pull down div, but I am having
trouble stopping the click event from triggering when the link to show
the pull down is clicked.  This is the relevant code:

<a onclick="showSelect();" id="start_time">Open Div</a>

function showSelect() {
  if($('dropdown').style.visibility == "visible") {
    $('dropdown').style.visibility = "hidden";
    Event.stopObserving(document.body, 'click', new_obj.bfx);

  } else {
    new_obj.bfx = new_obj.fx.bindAsEventListener(new_obj);
    $('dropdown').style.visibility = "visible";
    Event.observe(document.body, 'click', new_obj.bfx);
//!!this click event is triggered right away when the link with
id="start_time" is
//clicked.  I would like to remove this specific event somehow

//this function is suppossed to close the div the page is clicked
anywhere but on the div
  var new_obj = { fx: function(){
    $('dropdown').style.visibility = "hidden";

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions, I am pretty new to
prototype and this has me completely stumped.  Thanks.

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