I have a sortable div thus:

Sortable.create('timeline',{tag:'div', overlap:'horizontal',  
constraint:false,  scroll:window, dropOnEmpty:true});

div#timeline is contained within a larger div#drop which is droppable.

<div id="drop">
<p>A lovely caption explaining the DnD behavior</p>
<div id="timeline">

I then have a bunch of elements of class clip or class photo which are  
individually set to be draggable. When I drag a clip or a photo onto  
div#drop, an onDrop function inserts a clone of the dropped object  
into div#timeline.

At this point, if I run Sortable.create again, these dropped items  
become sortable. But if I do that, I run into other issues later that  
I'm having trouble overcoming.

So my question is this: Is it possible to add elements to a Sortable  
by any means other than physically dragging and dropping without re- 
running the create method afterward? I've looked through the script  
and can't see a function that adds the dragged element into it. I've  
been using $('timeline').insert(clonedElement), and while it does put  
the element into the div, the result is not sortable.

Thanks in advance,


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