So, I have a simple bit of code that asks a user to confirm that they
want to change the existing value of a text field:

Event.observe(this._form['txtFld'], 'change',
this.txtFldChanged.bindAsEventListener(this), false);
this._txtFld = this._form['txtFld'].value;
function txtFldChanged(e)
  var confirmed = (this._txtFld == '');

  if (! confirmed)
    confirmed = confirm('Are you sure you want to change the value of

  if (! confirmed)
    this._form['txtFld'].value = this._txtFld;

  return confirmed;

In FF, this works fine, every time you edit the content of the field.
In IE, it works once - after that the change event does not fire. I've
seen some mention of a possible behavior issue in IE having to do with
modification of the text field value programmatically within the event
bubble for the field's change event, but nothing concrete.

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