> > I'm wondering how JS does garbage collection for objects created via new.

Kangax > The same way as objects created "without" `new` : )
Kangax > GC removes objects that are no longer referenced. When it
Kangax > does so and how it does so is implementation dependent. If
Kangax> you want a certain object to be collected (whenever GC decides
Kangax> to do so), best you can do is to make sure nothing references that\
Kangax> object.

Here's my confusion: let's say I do this

        new Ajax.Request(...);

where the object isn't assigned to a variable. Why doesn't the object become 
available for garbage collection immediately after it's
created?  Where is the reference to this new instance of Ajax.Request?

I'm obviously missing something, but what?

Jonathan Rosenberg
Founder & Executive Director, Tabby's Place

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