I also tried the parameters     evalJS: false, evalScripts: false but
nothing changed.

Can you help me? What am I making wrong. I want these javascripts just
handled as normal text and nothing to be executed.

My JS-Code:
var myAjax      = new Ajax.Updater(
        { success: targetFormFieldset },
        "adv.ajax.php5", {
                method: "get",
                evalJS: false,
                evalScripts: false,
                parameters: {
                        get: "banConfigForm",
                        banID: banID

                onComplete: function(transport) {
                        toggleView("ajaxStatusIndicator", "hide");
                        if(transport.status>=200 && transport.status<300) {
                                toggleView("ajaxBg", "show", 
function(effectObject) {
                                        toggleView("ajaxConfigWindow", "show");

                                        // Focus first form element

                                        } // End of afterFinish function

                                ); // End of toggleView("ajaxBg")


                onFailure: function(transport) {
                        printError("Unable to load the feature configuration 

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