Here is an example of what I want to do:
                <div class='center_part'>
                        <div id='logo'><%=image_tag '/images/logo.png'%></div>
                        <div id='description'>lorem ipsum</div>
        $('logo').observe('mouseover', function(event){
                new Effect.Opacity('logo', {
                        from: 1.0,
                        to: 0.0,
                        duration: 0.3
        $('logo').observe('mouseout', function(event){
                new Effect.Opacity('logo', {
                        from: 0.0,
                        to: 1.0,
                        duration: 0.3

So, I would like to avoid that hovering (mouseover) the img inside the
div#logo bubble up and trigger the event once more and ruin the effect
of hiding the logo.

Already thanks for the quick answer.

Geoffroy Gomet
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