Sorry, it took me some time to get organized and find time to work on
this problem.

i have NOOOOO idea whether this will help your situation, but i DID
discover what i think solves the non-displaying SELECT list problem in
IE. Using the IE8 JS debugger, controls.js fails at line ~841:


because at line ~766, the SELECT object is created by the native
createElement method, but is not Prototype extended:

    var list = document.createElement('select'); = this.options.paramName;
    list.size = 1;
    this._controls.editor = list;

i changed the last line shown above to:

    this._controls.editor = $(list);

and IE started displaying the list. i couldn't tell you why Firefox
manages to get by that little slip.

i did try out your test pages and saw some of the incorrect behaviors.
Unfortunately, i can't really dig deep right now to help with that. i
wish you luck, and i'll post the fix above at Scriptaculous to

On Jan 29, 12:03 pm, Gunter  Sammet <> wrote:
> On Jan 29, 6:56 am, "joe t." <> wrote:
> > i'm using unmodified 1.8.2 and the IPCE works fine with Firefox 3. IE
> > is a totally different story, and damn me for not testing, thinking
> > existing functionality wouldn't get broken with upgrades... IE doesn't
> > display the SELECT control at ALL.
> > -joe t.
> Did you try my 2 examples on FF3? Doesn't work for me on my Vista
> machine:
> Only have issues with the version where the value is not the same as
> the Option itself:
> <select name="mySelect1">
>   <option value="123">Volvo</option>
>   <option value="345">Saab</option>
>   <option value="456">Mercedes</option>
>   <option value="678">Audi</option>
> </select>
> Thanks for the input and if you manage to fix the IE issue, I'd
> appreciate if you can post it here.
> Cheers,
> Gunter
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