The abbreviated question:
How do I pass the value of a list item on page 1 AND page 2 to a third
page so I can use the values in php and mySQL?

The extended version:
I have three form lists with select values taken from a mySQL
database. The second list is generated based on the selection from the
first, and the third is generated based on the selection from the
first and second. Finally, a table is generated based on all values
selected in all three. I have this working with php, but the page
reloads after every list item is selected. I have done a lot of
research and have almost gotten this to work without a reload using
AJAX from Prototype, but I am running into a problem. The second list
generates correctly, but the third does not. This is because my mySQL
statement pulls the values from the first two lists. Since the page is
not reloaded it only sees the value of the second list and not the
first. How can I pass the value from the first list and the second
list (which are on two separate pages) to the third list?

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