Hi sqaured,

It seems, that you only transmit the value of the previous form to the
DB, and for the third form to be generated, you need to pass first AND
second one !
So this could be done in a couple of lines (I think).

Give us your code, or a sample, we will surelly help.


On 2 fév, 19:00, Squared <jpr...@hancousa.com> wrote:
> The abbreviated question:
> How do I pass the value of a list item on page 1 AND page 2 to a third
> page so I can use the values in php and mySQL?
> The extended version:
> I have three form lists with select values taken from a mySQL
> database. The second list is generated based on the selection from the
> first, and the third is generated based on the selection from the
> first and second. Finally, a table is generated based on all values
> selected in all three. I have this working with php, but the page
> reloads after every list item is selected. I have done a lot of
> research and have almost gotten this to work without a reload using
> AJAX from Prototype, but I am running into a problem. The second list
> generates correctly, but the third does not. This is because my mySQL
> statement pulls the values from the first two lists. Since the page is
> not reloaded it only sees the value of the second list and not the
> first. How can I pass the value from the first list and the second
> list (which are on two separate pages) to the third list?
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