I've built a chess game using Prototype's ajax wrappers. Sometimes, a server
simply doesn't respond to a request that a user has made. You know how that
works. You click on a link to a page and you don't get a response. You hit
the stop button, click on the link again, and the pag shows up no problem.
The problem is that every once and a while (maybe once every couple of
games) a user will attempt to make a move, but their request will never make
it to the server. They can just refresh the page in those intances, but
that's yucky. I'd prefer the code to abort the request and make a new one if
a response hasn't been received from the server within 3 seconds or so.

The XMLHTTPRequest object has an abort method. It doesn't appear that the
ajax object from Prototype has this method. How do I go about aborting a
request if no response is received within a certain time frame? Thanks in


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