Here's a local example that works in Firefox.

Save those three files somewhere and try it out.

Here's an example that works with a server call (not tested):

I don't believe this will work in IE, you can't update the inner bits  
of a select and have it work like a form element afterward. For that,  
you will need to use the

        new Option(text,value)

syntax inside a loop.


On Feb 4, 2009, at 12:05 PM, Squared wrote:

> Walter,
> I could not get this to work, but, to be honest; I could have
> something else wrong, because I am not certain how this new approach
> is working exactly. (I am new to prototype & AJAX). I don’t quite
> understand, or I am not following the logic.. Are we still using
> multiple pages?  Is there even a way to dumb this down a bit for me or
> should I just concede that this is over my head??? I would really like
> to figure this out if possible, but I don’t want someone to write
> everything for me either.

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