2009/2/4 Red <redlocyel...@gmail.com>:
> I've built a chess game using Prototype's ajax wrappers. Sometimes, a server
> simply doesn't respond to a request that a user has made. You know how that
> works. You click on a link to a page and you don't get a response. You hit
> the stop button, click on the link again, and the pag shows up no problem.
> The problem is that every once and a while (maybe once every couple of
> games) a user will attempt to make a move, but their request will never make
> it to the server. They can just refresh the page in those intances, but
> that's yucky. I'd prefer the code to abort the request and make a new one if
> a response hasn't been received from the server within 3 seconds or so.
> The XMLHTTPRequest object has an abort method. It doesn't appear that the
> ajax object from Prototype has this method. How do I go about aborting a
> request if no response is received within a certain time frame? Thanks in
> advance.
> AC
> >

I think you can ...


http://www.w3.org/TR/XMLHttpRequest/#xmlhttprequest /
http://www.w3.org/TR/XMLHttpRequest2/#aborting shows the abort()

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