On Feb 4, 10:41 am, Richie M <i...@linuxbox.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a form with three drop down select boxes in it. I'd like the
> second box to populate when an option is selected in the first, and
> for the third to populate when an option is selected from the second.
> In the first select box, I use onchange to call a php script:
> <select id='box1' onchange="ajaxUpdater('ajax_regions', '/ajax/
> populate.php?show=month&id=' + getsel('box1')">

Apart from the invalid HTML (pointed out by TJ), it is very unwise to
use an onchange handler with a select element if there is any chance
the form will be used in IE.  If a user tries to navigate the options
using the cursor keys in IE, a change event will fire each time the
key is pressed and changes the selected option - I don't think that is
what you want.

I don't know what the getsel function does, however I suspect you are
using the ID attribute inappropriately.  Option elements have a value
attribute[1] that is supposed to be used to send data to the server,
select elements have a DOM value property that is determined from the
selected option, so why not use:

  <select onblur="ajaxUpdater(... + this.value);">
    <option value="value 0">value 0
    <option value="value 1">value 1
    <option value="value 2">value 2

Or use an explicit "update the form" button.

1. The text attribute can be used to, however due to IE's non-
compliance with the W3C standard relating to use of text as the option
value, it is easier to explicitly use the value attribute.

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