I have spent many hours chasing down a problem where if the user hits
control+enter in certain form fields, Firefox's "Downloads" window
opens (on Windows XP, but not Linux).  I finally narrowed things down
to the following test case, which sets up a keydown listener on the
field that does a synchronous AJAX call.  If I comment out the
Ajax.Request, the Downloads window does not open.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    <script src="/javascripts/prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></


    <form action="/somewhere">
      <input type="text" id="data1_id" name="data1">
    <script type="text/javascript">
      function keyHandler(event) {
        new Ajax.Request('/', {asynchronous: false});
      Event.observe($('data1_id'), 'keydown', keyHandler);

I wonder if perhaps the problem has to do with the shortcut for the
Downloads window being control+J.  J is the 10th letter, so perhaps in
some way control+J maps to a newline, which is perhaps issued (though
I don't see it) when hitting control+enter.

If the request is not synchronous, the problem doesn't happen.

If you use Firebug to set a breakpoint on the Ajax.Request line, and
condition it to not break on the control key, then you can hit control
+enter, and the script will stop just before executing new
Ajax.Request, but the Downloads window still opens.

I am quite mystified.  Does anyone have any clues as to what the
underlying cause might be?  Thanks,

p.s.  Someone is bound to want to point out that using synchronous
Ajax is a bad idea.  I understand that.
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