Hello mail list user,

I hope you can help me one more time.

A part of the website www.gerrits-worlddecor.de/neu/handcraft.php# is
the table on the right side.
This table contains some images. One attribute of this images is
onmouseover="item ...
As default you will see images of the product line 3 KLEUREN.

onemouseover should change the parts on the left side and in the middle
of this website.
If you choose another product line, for example BONT, I delete this
table on the right side and build a new one.
This function works fine, after your support. Thanks for supporting me.

Here is the java code for appending the image tak.

// Eine Tabelle definieren.
// Die Tabelle enthält nur eine Spalte und entsprechend viele Zeilen.
  var table =  new Element('table', { 'id': 'galleryTable', 'align':
'right' });
  var tbody = new Element('tbody', { 'id': 'galleryTableTBody' })
// Fuer jeden Wert des erhaltenen Arrays neue TR- und TD-Tags
// definieren und einhaengen.
  for ( var i = 2; i<array.length; i = i + 3 )
    // Wenn die Galerieansicht geaendert wird, soll das erste Produkt
    // in der Mitte angezeigt werden.
    if (i == 2) showFirstItem(na, array[i], array[i-1]);
    var trId = "tr_"+array[i];
    var tr = new Element('tr', { id: trId });
// Definition 4-spaltige Tabelle

    for (j=0;j<4;j++)
    if (!array[i]){

    var tdId = "td_"+array[i];;

    var td = new Element('td', { id: tdId });

    var imgId = "img_"+array[i];
    var imgFile = "./images/"+na+"/"+array[i]+".jpg";

    var gallerieFunktion = "item("+array[i-2]+", '"+na+"')";
    var img = new Element('img', { id: "gallery" , src: imgFile,
onmouseover:  gallerieFunktion, alt: array[i], width: "80", height: "80"

The new table also contains onmouseover functions. This onmouseover
works in firefox, opera and konqueror. But it doesn't work in internet

I compaire the html code from the default side with the code after
change the product line.
The lines are equal.
<!-- default html code -->
<IMG id=gallery onmouseover="item(34, '3 kleuren')" height=80
alt=1995000360 src="./images/3 kleuren/1995000360.jpg" width=80>

<!-- html code after changing to BONT -->
<IMG id=gallery onmouseover="item(8, 'Bont')" height=80 alt=CE05252BON
src="./images/Bont/CE05252BON.jpg" width=80>

Does anyone know, why it doesn't work in IE?
What does IE missing to make the onemouseover?


#adBox3 {display:none;}

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