Hi irek s,

I don't think this can work, because alert is very obtrusive and break
the code.
To click on the alert button, you should leave the droppable, and the
event is still send ==> alert only affect the portion of code that is
IN execution.

Another way to do this will be to move the draggable to the droppable,
and on the onDrop event show the alert. If true, just keep in place
element and in case of false, just move YOURSELF the element to its
original position.


On 6 fév, 09:27, irek s <irek.skro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have got problem with droppables and draggables elements:
> When I drag draggables object over droppables I display an alert and
> if someone choose [ok] then the draggables is put correctly into
> droppables object and this is fine, but when someone choose [close]
> then draggables element stays in place where i leave it (over
> droppables) and don't want to back on its previous place
> I believe that sometnig is wrong with the :revert option
> the :revert option is set to 'failure', but when i change it to the
> false then ofcourse nothing happens. When I change it to true then
> when I desplay the alert the draggables back in default place in the
> background and this is not what i wan't
> any suggestions?
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