I have loop that makes server-side Ajax calls on each iteration, and
returns data.  This could be 50 iterations, 500, 5000, whatever.  Upon
each iteration, I update that particular row with a server-side
response (i.e. "success" or "fail"), and then update the total count
processed ("26 out of 432 processed").  -- I update the innerHTML of a
div or span, and another div showing the total number of records
processed (at the end of an iteration, or in the onComplete callback
handler of the Ajax.Request).  That is all working perfectly fine...
in Firefox, Safari, and every other browser except IE6 and IE7.

I have tried IE hacks such as adding a class to the div, and dropping
a class from the div, adding and dropping child nodes from the div,
etc -- to attempt to force IE to repaint, I have tried waiting a small
interval, to no avail.  If you pop up an alert("hai"); at the end of
the iteration, the the IE6 and IE7 DOM will repaint with the updated
values.  (btw, how dumb is that?)

Does anybody have any tried and true ways to make IE6 or IE7 repaint a
particular DOM element in these cases (without obviously popping an
alert)?  It works flawlessly in Firefox.  I know IE is a steaming
pile, but just wondering if anyone has had any success with a hack
that works here.

code here:

it's grabbing all the data properly, so I won't bore you with the
markup... just updating the status of the processing results ...no
effect in IE6 or IE7... doesn't update:

E.g.: won't repaint this until the loop has finished (only in IE):
$('prg_processed').innerHTML = rows_processed;

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