<div class="button-holder">
  <img class="save" alt="Save The Changes" src="/resources/includes/
  <img class="cancel" alt="Cancel Changes" src="/resources/includes/
<div id="salary2-wrapper" class="tf edit editYes" title="Click to
edit!" style="margin: 0pt; padding: 0pt;">
<input id="employment_details-fa5a746-1-salary2-integer" class="1 2 tf
editBox" type="text" value="20,000"/>

with the above DOM / Html setup i have invoked a click on
class="cancel" like so ..

$$('.cancel').invoke('observe', 'click', function(element) {
alert($(element).next()); // returns undefined ?????
alert($(element).next(0)); // returns undefined ?????
alert($(element).next(1)); // returns undefined ?????
alert($(element).down()); // returns undefined ?????
alert($(element).down(0)); // returns undefined ?????
alert($(element).down(1)); // returns undefined ?????


how can this possibly be if the html is nowhere near the end of the
document ? .. its confusing the hell out of me, or am i missing the
point of what next() / down() are meant to do .. as i was under the
impression that they were to traverse up and down the DOM !!
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