The problem is that you are using "defer" in your script include tags, which
in IE makes the order they load an indeterminate thing. So what's happening
is scriptaculous is trying to load before Prototype, which causes the error
to be thrown when scriptaculous does its check for Prototype...

Remove the "defer" attributes and you'll be good to go. I guarantee you
won't notice the speed difference either.

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 1:29 PM, Andrew Albrechtsen <>wrote:

> I'm having trouble with Scriptaculous' builder.js not loading in IE.
> My site works fine in Safari, Firefox, and Opera, but in IE builder.js
> is getting hung up and causing the site not to display. Take a look...
> If it's any help - this just started happening, it was working fine
> for a while. I even updated to the latest version of Prototype &
> Scriptaculous...
> -Andrew
> >

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