Jeztah wrote:
> Mornign guys ..
> I am very well being really thick here but i was wondering how to
> center a window vertically to the viewport (i.e if the user is
> scrolled down the page a bit to still be in the center) ..
> Now the really annoying thing is i've done it before and put it into a
> nice function but i cant for the life of me find it on my mess that is
> a server !!!

You should determine the offset the document have been scrolled down,
the total height of the viewport, and the height of your window.

var offsets =  document.viewport.getScrollOffsets();
var viewPortDims =  document.viewport.getDimensions();
var windowDims = $(your_window_here).getDimensions();
var windowOffsets = {position: 'absolute'}; = + (viewPortDims.height - windowDims.height) / 2;
//if you want to center also horizontally:
windowOffsets.left =
     offsets.left + (viewPortDims.width - windowDims.width) / 2;

//Or use Scriptaculous to move windows
var effect = new Effect.Move(your_window_here,
     { x:, y: windowOffsets.left, mode: 'absolute' }

Of course your window have to be a child of body, or it might be 
posisioned to any relatively positioned of its ancestors!

Should work, but not tested

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