Hi there,

I'd like to move a <div> container which is mostly hidden left of the
screen (width is 230px, left is -200px so you can only see the right
border) into the screen and back by using the event handlers
onmouseover and onmouseout.

It works already but not perfect: By leaving the <div> box the
container shortly flickers in the middle again for some mili seconds.
Can anybody help me?


<div id="aeusseresmenue" style="background: #0c0; width: 230px;
height: 400px; position: absolute; left: -200px; top: 50px;"
onmousemove='new Effect.Move(this,{x:0, y:50, duration:0.2, mode:
"absolute"});' onmouseout='new Effect.Move(this,{x:-200, y:50,
duration:0.2, mode: "absolute"});'>
<div id="inneresmenue" style="background: #000; width: 200px; height:
Hallo Welt


Thanks, Mario.

PS: I already tried to use onmouseover instead of onmousemove, but
then i had the problem of recalling the move in all the time.

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