I want to set an error message for 20 seconds ...


The message is displayed correctly.

But not hidden again after 20 seconds or so.

Instead, I'm getting an error ...

element.style is undefined.

If I ...

$('sessionError').update('An error').show().hide(20);

at the command prompt in FB, then no problems.

It seems delay is not working as I would expect.

If I ...

$('sessionError').update('An error').show().hide.delay(20);

at the command prompt I get a number which I assume is the id of the
timer so I can cancel it.

Example online (requires a javascript console).

Go to http://www.prototypejs.org and enter the following code into
your javascript console.

$('header').update('Prototype is quite good!').show().hide.delay(2)

You will see the timer ID (4 in my case) and then the error message
(after a little while).

>>> $('header').update('Prototype is quite good!').show().hide.delay(2)
$(element).style is undefined
[Break on this error] $(element).style.display = 'none';
prototype.js (line 1349)

Richard Quadling
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