Hello Javascript friends!

I am working on a fairly simple javascript issue and I can't seem to figure
out what is going wrong.  I have tried two setups, both of which don't
work.  The simpler is this:

In our html we have a form and in the form tag we add an
onsubmit="greySubmits()" attribute.  This is the greySubmits function.

function greySubmits() {

I also tried to add this to our javascript and remove the onsubmit tag from
our html:

  Event.observe(window, 'load', function() {
      $$("input[type='submit']").each(function(e) {
          Event.observe(e, 'click', greySubmits);

The problem is that one way or the other, when we do this for some reason
the javascript does not set along the value of the button that was clicked.
This means that the preview button no longer works as we check the value of
the submit button field for that.  Any idea what we are doing wrong here?


fREW Schmidt

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