I'm using the scriptaculous fade and appear effects together to swap
in new content in an area of my website.  So first I call the fade
effect to remove the old content, and then I call the appear effect to
bring in the new content.

This works perfectly in Firefox, but in IE7, the text in the newly-
appeared region looks terrible.  The problem is particularly bad for
italicized text.

I've searched around online for a solution to this, and some people
indicated that setting a background color for the wrapper div would
solve the problem.  But I have tried this and it does not help.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

To see the problem, using IE7, click the "First time visiting as an
alpha user? Create your account." link.  Then click the "back"
button.  You will see that the new text in IE7 looks terrible
(particularly the italicized text).

Can anyone lend any advice?  It would be much appreciated.  I'm
copying the JS I'm using below, in case that is helpful:

Event.observe(window, 'load', page_loaded_alpha);

function page_loaded_alpha(evt) {
        if($('firstTimeAlphaLink')) {

        if($('alphaRegisterBack')) {

function show_first_time_alpha_form() {
        Effect.Fade('initialFormsArea', { duration: 0.9, queue: 'front' });
        Effect.Appear('alphaRegistrationFormsArea', { duration: 0.9, queue:
'end' });

function show_initial_alpha_page() {
        Effect.Fade('alphaRegistrationFormsArea', { duration: 0.9, queue:
'front' });
        Effect.Appear('initialFormsArea', { duration: 0.9, queue: 'end' });
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