Hi Mitul,

can't test your problem, but if you grab the return value when the
user selected one entry, and reapply the returned value to the
textarea, doesn't it resolve your problem??


On 19 fév, 08:19, Mitul <patel.mitu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> I am having a problem since long time. I am stuck at issue which is
> related to Google Chrome only. Here is my problem
> I have used auto-suggest feature of prototype. When I enter a text in
> textarea and autosuggest comes up. When I select an item from list
> cursor is stay at last character I have type. It is not moves to at
> the end of the selected item. This issue is with only Chrome not with
> other browser.
> Please help me if anyone have same problem.
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