OK,  I'm still new to prototype and scriptaculous and I don't like to
ask, but I guess having the flu, I'm feeling kicked around enough to
do so.

And it appears to be a tough one anyhow.

You have an unordered list which you have made sortable.  It allows
the item in the list to be edited and save back to the database.

It also is intended to allow ...

1) deleting the item from the list.
2) inserting a new item in the list.


3)  cloning the item in the list.

So if I identify my <li>  </li>  by its id   as  $(id),  how do I get
a clone of this object with everything in between, make some
modifications to ids in its content so it is unique and write the
nasty critter back into the list?

God, I hate the flu.  Why you made us humans suffer the flu and have
to defecate, I will never appreciate.  Er ... uh, God,  don't be
offended.  That's just my take on it.  Amen.

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