Thanks David, think this was roughly around how I was planning to
but wanted to check more it wasnt impossible before beginning :)

Will repost when I have tried if I have problems.

On Feb 24, 11:09 am, david <> wrote:
> Hi vanq69,
> the sortable list could be linked to droppables. So you could be able
> to use this to drag from listA to listB.
> The link between the 2 elements in listA et listB could only be
> maintain externally from prototype and scriptaculous. But on using
> callback from sortable / droppables I think you can do that.
> btw, I think you should try to write what you want to do and we could
> help if problems occurs on what you write.
> --
> david
> On 23 fév, 13:51, vanq69 <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have a sortables list (using, php and ajax) which is
> > created from user input containing a title and description field.
> > What I want to be able to do is use that list to select an element of
> > the list (list A) and be able to click a button (dragging would be
> > great but dont know if its possible) to be able to put it into another
> > sortable list (list B) as a linked object (so any changes made to the
> > original would be proplegated).  Is this possible? If so how would I
> > go about it / get started?
> > I would also like to be able to make List B dependant on which option
> > of List C (a list of options) was selected.  Again, is this possible?
> > How would I go about implementing this?
> > Many Thanks for your time. Can provide any code needed or further
> > explanations here or am happy to receive email.
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