> My situation is cause because there is an ad being loaded that uses
> DIGG and jQuery.

An *ad* is loading jQuery?!  Sorry, isn't that a bit...intrusive of

No, Prototype doesn't have a no conflict mode like jQuery's.  But I'd
say the real conflict is with the ad.  I'd (politely!) tell the
advertiser to rein themselves in.

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available

On Feb 25, 10:40 pm, Boysenberry Payne <habitatl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have a situation where there is a conflict being generated on our  
> site between jQuery and Prototype using the $() syntax.
> I have already looked over the jQuery workarounds for inter-library  
> conflicts.
> I was wondering if prototype has any such feature, i.e. a way to  
> replace $() with something else that would allow it to play with  
> others nicely.
> My situation is cause because there is an ad being loaded that uses  
> DIGG and jQuery.
> I didn't build the ad and would rather just fix my code than to have  
> to dig through someone else's.
> This mean I also don't have prototype loading before jQuery (as a  
> couple of the jQuery solutions suggest.)
> (on the right side midway down the page, look for the link "add  
> newsletter")
> Here is an example of the working code:http://www.chicagotribune.com/travel/
> Broken code:http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/
> PS we're in the process of reworking the graphics, so just ignore the  
> pixelation...
> Thank you,
> Boysenberry Payne
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