One additional comment ...

If I get clever and try to wait in a while loop for AjaxRequest to set
a flag that it has completed, the browser complains that some script
is attempting to make the browser to run slow, do you want to let it
run?   IE7.

So no, I can't create a slick wait loop like that either.


On Feb 26, 9:13 pm, BearState <wixelb...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> OK,  so Mr. Noob has made a lot of progress, but has found that when
> he makes an Ajax.Request(), the response is not set into the
> javascript variables until after a certain amount of time, which
> though small, is significant.
> Some knuckleheads might well be provoked to say, "Hey, I didn't get my
> data.  There's a bug."
> There is no bug, but there is a pain in the ...
> Javascript does not have a sleep function and  using  setTimeOut in
> this situation is folly because you can not proceed with the code in
> any semblance until  AjaxRequest full completes returning the data.
> setTimeOut will only cause one code element to deley.
> How're the Prototype/Scriptaculous gurus handling this?
> BearState aka. Mr. Noob  ( for the moment ).
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