I'm using an older scriptaculous library along with Prototype on a
global news site. I have a drop-down menu that lists all the languages
available which naturally opens and closes when clicked. However, when
my BROWSER language is Japanese, the menu is open by default and does
not close. This does not happen when my browser language is set to

In this code, it turns out var Prototype is undefined when my my
browser lang is set to Japanese, which in turns throws the exception
and prevents the includes from loading.

var Scriptaculous = {
  Version: '1.6.5',
  require: function(libraryName) {
    // inserting via DOM fails in Safari 2.0, so brute force approach
    document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="'+libraryName
  load: function() {
    if((typeof Prototype=='undefined') ||
       (typeof Element == 'undefined') ||
       (typeof Element.Methods=='undefined') ||
       parseFloat(Prototype.Version.split(".")[0] + "." +
                  Prototype.Version.split(".")[1]) < 1.5)
       throw("script.aculo.us requires the Prototype JavaScript
framework >= 1.5.0");

    $A(document.getElementsByTagName("script")).findAll( function(s) {
      return (s.src && s.src.match(/scriptaculous\.js(\?.*)?$/))
    }).each( function(s) {
      var path = s.src.replace(/scriptaculous\.js(\?.*)?$/,'');
      var includes = s.src.match(/\?.*load=([a-z,]*)/);
      (includes ? includes[1] :
       function(include) { Scriptaculous.require(path+include
+'.js') });


Does anyone know why the browser's language setting would create such
an error? It works fine when the language is anything BUT Japanese.

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