Hello again ...

I want to thank the folks in this group.  It's a good sounding board
to keep from bashing away for hours on end.  Nice quick responses from
here have helped, especially while my head's been fogged over with the


New Problem ...

I have been able to successfully load up Ajax.InPlaceEditor objects
and have them work during the load of my page using observe

No problem.

But I want to cure the problem of having multiple editors on my page.
I want to create the editor on the fly and thus, solve two problems.
1)  Only one editor object at any one time and 2) If I create a new
object and insert it into the page, I can create an editor for it.

But ... ( the awful 'but' )

I can't for the life of me, get the damn thing to work.

I create divs for the controls ...

<div id='edClick'> </div>
<script id='edAjax' language=javascript><!--

Then I have a function to put the editor in play ...

function editIT() {

    \$\("edClick").replace("<A HREF='#' id='editThis'>editThis</A>");

    var theEditor = " var newEditor = new Ajax.InPlaceEditor
('theText'', 'thescript.cgi'," +
                    " { rows:10,cols:100,textBetweenControls:'  '," +
                    " okControl:'link'," +
                    " externalControlOnly:true,
externalControl:'editThis'," +
                    " callback: function(form, value) { return \
\"theID=1&value=\\" +escape(value) }" +
                    " } );";


No Go.

I've tried just doing the new Ajad.InplaceEditor() in the function,
out of it, here, there, everywhere, but No Go.

What am I doin wrong?


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