Hi again, BearState.

Your confusing different things here.

The behaviour you are describing isn't related to memory leaks at all,
your most probably just passing the _result_ of a function call to
setTimeout rather than the function itself.

In other words, if you are doing the following, you're almost
certainly doing something wrong (or using some very obscure functional
programming tricks):

setTimeout(myFunc(), 1000); // WRONG

This, on the contrary, works you're passing the function itself, not
the _result_ of it):

setTimeout(myFunc, 1000); // CORRECT

Anyway, if you're doing ajax requests, you should NOT be using
timeouts, but the provided callback system (as advised in a previous

I suggest you buy yourself a good book on Prototype[1] and maybe one
on JavaScript too, while you're at it. ;)



[1] http://prototypejs.org/2008/8/11/practical-prototype-and-scriptaculous

On Mar 3, 1:43 am, BearState <wixelb...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hidie-ho,
> Well Ok, I've used setTimeout a few times in my code to delay resuming
> run of a code module until Ajax.Request() has had time to do its
> thing.   And the use of the timer is cyclic as the user may repeat the
> operation over and over again, but in different parts of the page.
> And ...  holy spacetime wormhole continuum out of wack batman!  Why is
> that timer firing off so quickly?   What in the wide wide world of
> sports is go'n on?
> Robin, haven't you done a web search yet?   There's people complaining
> about memory leaks with regard to timers?
> Holy abscent minded browser batman!   Is it the setTimeout() function
> causing the problem?
> Damned if I know Robin, I only stomp on Penquins and Jokers, not
> memory leaks and I'm not int he habit of waiting for anything, not
> even queues at the bank when I cash my checks.
> Holy Fast Food Diet out the window with Cheese, Fries and Shake
> Batman!  What's the answer?
> You weren't listening Robin ...  damned if I know.
> Does anyone know?
> BearState
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