i also got such sortables and they works, even in IE.

Problem is your code.

Maybe sobe div hide anchor. Try to disable all css and check is it

On 2 Mar, 20:10, gonesail <gones...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am having a problem where an href contained in a sortable div is
> prevented from honoring the click by the sortable (allowing you to
> drag it) in IE7.  This is a big problem .. is this a reported bug?
> thanks.
> here is the previous post:
> I have two sortables that have divs as the draggable elements.
> Included in those divs are some anchor tags to make some buttons that
> call javascript functions elsewhere in the page.
> It all works fine in Firefox & Safari, but in IE7 it's a matter of
> luck if the link will accept clicks. Sometimes you click the link,
> sometimes the div acts like it's being dragged (it fades as per the
> start of the drag, but doesn't move). I've tried to click the mouse as
> quickly as possible, and holding it completely still, but it makes no
> difference.
> This is a showstopper for me, as IE is such a big part of my audience.
> Anyone got any suggestions?
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