Quleczka wrote:
> Hi,
>> That may have well been the case.  I was trying to use writeAttribute with a
>> Text Input.  I assumed that it would work and apparent does in IE7.
> I'm curious, which attribute were you trying to set -  just a value
> of  this input field?
>> - For setting or getting the value attribute of Form elements (use
>> FormElement#(get|set)Value instead).
> Lee, is there a setValue()?
> Only getValue is mentioned in API Docs ->  
> http://prototypejs.org/api/form/element
> .
> I use just something.value='test'; and it's working :)

Hi Quleczka,

Yes, the dot notation method works for me as well.  I was trying to create a 
generic handler on the page that could set attributes for elements in a generic 
way according to ajax responses.  It's ok, I can use the method you mentioned 
above for Form Elements and the generic version for others.

Warm Regards,


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