On Mar 5, 7:50 am, Bob <bro...@packagingcorp.com> wrote:
> I'm relativley new to PrototypeJS. I
>  am doing some calculation in a back end program and returning a JSON
> string to my web page. One of the values is a price. If I return
> 14.20, it gets converted in evalJSON to 14.2. I want to keep both
> digits. I can find how to pad the left of a nmber to a certain number
> of places, but can't seem to find anythig about keeping decimals out
> to a set number of places.

Others have answered your question (pass the value as a string),
here's a bit more information on the topic if you are doing in-page
calculations and wondering why they don't quite add up:

How do I format a Number as a String with exactly 2 decimal places?
<URL: http://www.jibbering.com/faq/#formatNumber >

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