i'm using the Function.wrap() method in a utility I am greating for my
company that does something similar to the prototype update helper,
but more specific to my companies needs.

we are in the middle of a big move from a very messy pile of copy and
pasted javascript functions to using prototype and I want to be able
to notify users when they are using a deprecated method from our old
codebase which i can easily do as per the update helper utility,

BUT, i also want to be able to distinguish between direct calls to a
method and nested calls to a method. because if i call a deprecated
method that has nested calls to another deprecated method I end up in
a loop and get all kinds of timeouts and 'too much recursion' errors.

with JS, how can i reliably tell if my deprecated method is being
called directly, or if it is being called from within another method?

appreciate any help with this.

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