At 10:25 -0800 5/3/09, Daniel Israel wrote:
>Is there some sort of add-on or control out there that will make a 
>modal dialog?  I've got an application where I want a dialog to pop 
>up in the middle of the screen and allow the user to enter/edit 
>data, then do something if the user clicks OK.  All the data (to 
>populate the dialog's form) is already in the script, so I don't 
>need to go to the server...
>Any pointers appreciated...  I checked out prototype-UI, but unless 
>I'm missing something, it doesn't exactly do that.

All I do, which is nothing specifically to do with prototype, is to 
have two divs, one which floods the window with an opacity 60% shade 
(and covers, thus disabling, any existing controls), and another with 
the dialog, which has a higher z-index. These divs are both hidden 
until required, then when the user clicks the button, link or 
whatever, they appear. When the user clicks OK or whatever to dismiss 
the dialog they're hidden again and the page is back to normal. I've 
taken to calling this a 'lightbox', and it's a very nice way to get 
away from popup windows.

<> - click any of those events, 
then click the 'Email this to a colleague' link on the right (try 
emailing it to yourself). Is this what you mean?

Cheers... Chris
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