On Mar 5, 3:55 pm, Steakfest <j...@steakfest.com> wrote:
> I just started using prototype and scriptalicous yesterday. I was able
> to get an Ajax update call working with very little effort.  Thanks to
> the community for such great documentation.
> In my framework, sometimes there is debugging information dumped at
> the bottom of the page. I would like to know what the easiest way to
> "scrub" that debug output would be with prototype.  My framework
> outputs a very unique string before the debug output. So, a simple
> "substring-before" would do the trick.
> Thanks in advance for any advice

I have hardly any idea what you are asking, but if you mean you want
to be able to hide the debug output, put it in a div of its own and
just hide the div.


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